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The 613 Mitzvos

Summary of Judaism, and Mitzvos 1-3 of 613
1. to know that G-d Almighty exists
2. not to think that there is another G-d
3. to know that G-d Almighty is ONE

Mitzvos 4-5 of 613 (coming soon)
4. to love G-d Almighty
5. to fear G-d Almighty

Regarding Marriage JewishMarriage.us

What girl to choose
What is Jewish Marriage? - From a Halochik Perspective (rough draft)
The Structure of Love in Marriage (rough draft)
What is Jewish Dating? (rough draft)


G-d is Dignity (incomplete)

What I present might not be the Completely Accurate Truth
תורת מנחם התוועדויות תשנ"א - חלק ג 276
or ספר השיחות תשנ''א - חלק ב 561

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